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Class dates and services

Reiki treatment

Treat yourself to a Reiki treatment.

Available for mobile treatments

From 12th April 2021 .....All safety guidelines adhered to

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use our FB booking system

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£30 for about an hour

Introduction to Reiki

Introduction Reiki is a great way to facilitate your own healing without a big time commitment

Students will receive one attunement to receive the Reiki energy

and will learn how to do a full treatment

offered as a mobile class for now

Ring for to book or use our fb booking system


Classes will resume from 12th April

£40 for a 2 hour class

Nutrition advise/coaching

As a qualified nutritionist I can advise you on all aspects of your diet

do you want to improve your diet? want help to loose weight?

 allergies or a food intolerance and you need advise on how to cope?

as a sports nutritionist I can help you eat right to fuel yourself through events

Available for mobile appointments from 12th April

45mins consultation costs £15


1st degree Reiki training


first degree consists of four attunements.


The focus is the importance of using Reiki for yourself, as at some level we all need healing.

Students learn how to give themselves and others a treatment and will learn about the history of Reiki 

This is taught in two sessions, one week apart, as this helps maintain focus and integration of energy.

Cost for first degree is £80

Classes are postponed for the time being 

hoping to resume as soon as we can 


2nd degree Reiki training


One further attunement is received to increase the flow of Reiki energy. The student will be taught three of the Reiki symbols and their meanings, also special techniques for using the symbols for 'distant healing'.

2nd degree is taught over 2 and sometimes 3 classes 

Classes are postponed for the time being 

hoping to resume as soon as we can 

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Tel: 0161 6205658



UK Reiki federation master teacher member