Healthful solutions for mind, body and soul


My personal and spiritual development is of the utmost importance to me and has enabled me to live a fulfilling and meaningful life and Reiki has been a fundamental part of that process.


I do all I can to help others do the same whether it's giving a Reiki treatment or teaching them how to use the energy for themselves, teaching Reiki as a personal development tool to help people lighten their lives and lead the fulfilling, meaningful lives they dream of.


I am also qualified in nutrition and NLP which gives me a wide variety of skills and knowledge to provide a well being package  for all.

I teach Reiki from 1st degree to masters level and beyond and hold full insurance. I run classes as regular as I can using and teaching Reiki as a personal development tool, and it is a most inspiring tool to use.


Being trained in NLP and nutrition, gives me the option to use these tools in my teaching also. My aim is to provide a wellbeing package for each individual at whatever level they require.

Reiki for me and for many has become a way of life and of being. By using Reiki as a tool for personal and spiritual development the individual can learn how to take control back to the true ‘self’ and live a full and happy existence.


My personal and spiritual development has become my life’s work. It has been a fascinating journey so far and I’m eager to see where else it takes me.